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Storytelling builds TRUST, wins RESPECT, and earns you MONEY.

Storytelling makes people remember you. It creates irresistible desire for your products and services.

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About Louis Di Bianco

I’m a guy from New York City. I survived the Bronx streets by persuading the tough guys to know, like, and trust me. How? By engaging and entertaining them with stories.

Storytelling gave me confidence and respect. It led me to my career as a professional stage, TV and film actor. It became the secret ingredient in my presentation courses for business people where they learned how to become powerful communicators, how to influence others and create wealth. There’s storytelling power in you. Discover it. Allow it to enrich your life.

Latest Podcast Episodes

227: The Most Powerful Story

By Louis Di Bianco | Jul 28, 2020

WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELFThis episode reveals the two most powerful words that determine the quality of your life.Discover how you are creating the reality you live into every day by using two simple ordinary words. Then, learn how to remove the limits you put on your thinking and your accomplishments by changing the way…

226: Professional Victims

By Louis Di Bianco | Apr 2, 2020

ARE THERE PROFESSIONAL VICTIMS? I wish I could answer no, but I can’t. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are many professional victims, and their club is growing exponentially in today’s world. This episode explores the victim mindset that I have labelled Rearden Syndrome. The name refers to a principal character, Hank Rearden, in Ayn…

225: Coronavirus Story

By Louis Di Bianco | Mar 18, 2020

WHAT’S MORE DEADLY THAN CORONAVIRUS? This episode presents a fascinating view of COVID 19 that can empower you and give you the strength and hope to face down this dangerous viral threat. Here are some of the empowering highlights in this podcast: You will learn a simple party game called the Telephone Game that will…

224: Fly High

By Louis Di Bianco | Mar 6, 2020

Will You Dare to Fly Too High? This episode explores the powerful social story that controls many of our lives today. It is a story that demands our obedience, our conformity, our silence, and our willingness to destroy our dreams that challenge the status quo. It is a story that made the industrial age and…

223: All Beliefs Are Stories

By Louis Di Bianco | Feb 29, 2020

This episode is a continuation of our exploration about you beliefs as made up stories. It takes you on a fascinating, sometimes scary ride, into your unconscious mind and reveals it’s power to create reality. Some things you will discover in this episode: The answer to the question, “Would you confess to a crime you…

222: Your Beliefs Are Stories

By Louis Di Bianco | Feb 17, 2020

Humans are hardwired to feel that their beliefs are real. We filter all that we see and hear through our beliefs and think that the world we perceive is objective reality. There is so much evidence to prove that all beliefs are just made up stories. Why do we make them up? In order to…

221: Change Your Story Reinvented

By Louis Di Bianco | Feb 13, 2020

This is the first episode of 2020. I’m introducing a new lean format that will feature many solo episodes. Each new episode will explore another way that stories create our reality.

fitness rocks

220: Fitness Rocks

By Louis Di Bianco | Oct 19, 2019

FITNESS ROCKS Today, it’s easy for everyone to be physically fit. It’s also easy not to. Which choice will you make? It all depends on your story. This episode has the potential to change your life. It can inspire you to become the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally, and financially. Our guest is Russ…

Omar Martin

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