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Omar Martin

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”Louis Di Bianco has an uncanny way of teaching persuasion through storytelling. His podcasts, eBooks, and training add power to your communication. His approach to story has added value to my internet marketing business and my life.”

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“Louis Di Bianco understands the importance of storytelling to powerfully connect with people and move them to action. Louis helped me become a more dynamic authentic communicator. I use his 'Frankenstein' template to create presentations all the time. I even teach it to my public speaking clients. Louis will help you hit the bullseye with your sales message, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it.”

Lynn Woodman
Scott Beckett

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“Louis Di Bianco completely changed the way I communicate. His insights to storytelling gave me a new ability to create instant rapport with my customers and prospects. Now, I can win people's trust immediately. What really blows my mind is the new power I have to quickly make strong human connections on the phone. What a powerful way to build relationships and attract new business!”

About Louis Di Bianco

I'm a guy from New York City. I survived the Bronx streets as a kid by telling entertaining stories to the tough guys. I got hooked on storytelling and became a professional stage, TV and film actor. Later, I created presentation courses for business people based on dramatic storytelling techniques. I found my voice and helped others find theirs through storytelling. Stories enrich my life and help me create wealth. They will do the same for you.


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