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195: Suits

suits tell stories


People wear suits. People love suits. People hate suits. There’s a popular TV series called Suits. Suits tell stories.

They tell stories, and we buy into them. Sometimes, the stories are innocent. Sometimes, they’re not.

This episode explores the history of suits in Western culture. It looks at how styles have changed as well as the symbolic stories that accompany those styles.

You’ll learn about how you see others and yourself as we travel through time with changing fashions. These are some of the stops we’ll make along the way:

  • Regency period – early 19th century – the age of Beau Brummell, a British dandy and fashion setter.
  • Victorian period – mid 19th century – the age of the morning coat and the introduction of the dinner jacket for men.
  • Edwardian period – early 20th century – the morning coat becomes standard business dress in town and country.
  • Post World War I into the 1920s – short suits become popular and the dinner jacket dominates.
  • Post World War II – emergence of the grey flannel suit – it comes to represent drab middle class conformity.
  • Late 20th century and early 21st – rise of the individualistic entrepreneur – the gradual demise of corporate culture

Today, the suit does not tell the story of influence, respectability, and authority as strongly as it used to.  We see the rise of new icons like Gary Vee, slightly disheveled, rough around the edges, and highly influential. A new look with a new story.

The story of suits is the story of power and influence.

What stories do your clothes tell, and how do they affect your happiness and success?

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194: Story of a Hat

story of a hat


Imagine if your clothes could talk. What would they say? What stories would they tell?

This episode is about a “talking” hat; it’s about the story of a hat.

This no ordinary hat. It is the  red MAGA hat worn by Trump supporters. Not only does this hat talk, it tells different stories to different people. Strong, loud, passionate stories that, all too often, trigger violent actions.

Earlier this month, a black man wearing a MAGA hat was violently assaulted and robbed by two other black men because he would not remove the hat when they ordered him to. The hat inflamed them. It triggered a STORY in their heads that led to violence.

We project all sorts of stories onto neutral objects and onto people. When we do that we are slaves to our narratives.

Here are a few of the provocative questions and insights you’ll discover in this episode:

  • What is the nature of story?
  • How do your story filters color your view of the world?
  • What happens if you don’t  take full responsibility for the narratives that create your world?
  • The similarity between your inner narratives and a wild horse
  • The truth about your opinions and judgements

The story of a hat is the story of your mind; it’s the story of the reality that you create moment to moment that makes your world enriching or frightening.

The story of hat is a challenge for you to take full responsibility for the circumstances, the emotions, and the reality that you project onto the world. It is a challenge to change your story, and change your life.

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193: All About Sex

all about sex


Yes, today’s podcast is all about sex. It’s all about getting laid. No, the show is not becoming a porn pod.

Today, we will explore what sex means to a man and a woman who spend a night together between the sheets. You’ll discover that it can mean very different things to each of them.

Our guests are Anne van Leeuwen and Ryan Hollyman, two very talented actors who are currently performing in a play called C’MON, Angie at the Assembly Theatre in Toronto.

This is a smart, compelling, provocative play that confronts the uncomfortable question, “What is sexual consent?” It’s an important and even dangerous question when the people forced to answer it have spent what could be seen as a “wild night in bed.”

This episode will take you on a fascinating journey that will challenge you, make you feel and think differently, and take you on an important inner journey toward the heart of who you are as a man or a woman.

This is some of the territory that the play explores and our guests approach in this episode:

  • The nature of true sexual consent
  • Can a fun night in bed really be an assault?
  • What is rape?
  • Do men and women want and expect different things from sex?
  • Can a good man be a sexual aggressor?
  • Do we need a new vocabulary for men and women to authentically communicate?

C’MON, Angie will take you to places you will want to avoid at the same time that you feel irresistibly drawn to them.

Listen, learn, expand, get angry, and enjoy our intimate conversation about sex.


Transcription by Kate Atkinson (Anne)

Motley Crue: The Dirt – Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band by Tommy Lee, Neil Strauss, et al. (Ryan)


“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge (Anne)

“Live and let live.”  – Many people (Ryan)


C’MON. Angie by Amy Lee Lavoie at Assembly Theatre – 1479 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A1 Until April 28


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192: Einstein Time

einstein time


Are you ready to always be more productive and creative? Are you ready to discover and express your unique ability and experience more joy every day? And do you want these things fast? Then listen to this episode.

Your willingness to stay open to what you are about to hear in today’s show and apply it will help you feel a major shift in your view of the world, your view of time, and your view of yourself.  A shift that will empower your entire life.

Here are a few of the exciting things you will discover as you listen to this podcast:

  • Einstein Time is part of Albert Einstein’s relativity theory
  • You experience Einstein Time when you ask, “Where does time come from?”
  • Time comes from you, and you are time
  • Time is a made up story
  • Change your time story, and you change your life

You will also learn that your time story corresponds either to Newton’s view of the world or Einstein’s. Newton’s view of time will keep you struggling to catch up; it will create a duality in which time is your enemy, and throw you into a battle you can’t win.

As you embrace Einstein Time, you stop fighting time and experience greater harmony. In Newton time, you are swimming against the current. In Einstein time, you are in a state of flow.

At the end of the episode, I offer you a free gift. Listen, learn, enjoy, and thrive.

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191: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones


This episodes explores how the popular HBO series,  Game of Thrones, reveals important insights about storytelling.

You will learn about four different aspects or levels of storytelling:

  • CELEBRITY STORY – Our society is fascinated by celebrities and the phenomenon of celebrity in general. Why do people become passionate fans of anyone or anything? What emotional stories do they create in their minds that make them loyal to people, causes, and brands? How can you tap into the power of celebrity loyalty and apply it successfully to your business? How can you create a story about your products and services that becomes a movement that people want to join?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA STORY – Social interaction is predominantly online today. Do you have a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks? Do you want to grow your following for personal or business reasons? What can you learn from Game of Thrones that will dramatically increase your influence?
  • WHY GAME OF THRONES IS REAL – I Game of Thrones pure fantastical fiction? Or, is it closer to real life than we care to admit? I believe that the show is a metaphor for our current world and its conflicts. Look at it through the lense of social commentary and you will recognize the battles that are raging in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, the United States, and the entire planet. Look very closely, and you will identify the pacifist message at the heart of the show.
  • STORYTELLING TECHNIQUE – How do the writers of Game of Thrones keep us engaged and curious episode after episode for eight seasons? Study any one episode carefully, and you will discover powerful storytelling techniques, like the cliffhanger.

Who do you root for in Game of Thrones, and who do you think will sit on the Throne when the show ends?

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