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220: Fitness Rocks

fitness rocks


Today, it’s easy for everyone to be physically fit. It’s also easy not to. Which choice will you make? It all depends on your story.

This episode has the potential to change your life. It can inspire you to become the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our guest is Russ Yeager, a man who transformed himself from a chubby kid who didn’t like his body to a man who won an international physical transformation contest. Now, he helps people experience optimal health and energy and achieve their ideal physique. He will help you get excited about exercise and great nutrition and discover that fitness rocks.

Russ Yeager is much more than a physical fitness trainer. He’s a mindset expert who helps his clients win their inner game to achieve new levels of success, wealth, and happiness.

Russ walks his talk. he runs multiple successful business. He’s a sought after keynote speaker and the author of Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked!

He has written and appeared in numerous fitness publications.

Many of his clients describe him as “the most positive and motivating person” they’ve ever met, which is refreshing in a world full of too much negativity and cynicism.

Working with Russ, his clients have saved hundreds — even thousands  — of wasted hours and effort, giving them the confidence to know they WILL get results!

Here are just a few of the golden nuggets that Russ offers you in this podcast episode:

  • How he went from 25% to 5% body fat in 5 weeks and won the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic
  • Why all physical transformation begins in your mind
  • 3 ways your mind can sabotage your physical transformation
  • Real secrets to lifelong weight loss and ideal health
  • Why cardio is NOT the best exercise to help you burn fat
  • The difference between healthy eating and eating to look good
  • Why the scale is not your friend when you want to get fit
  • The ideal protein requirements for men and women
  • The importance of  macronutrients to optimal health

Russ Yeager’s vision is to help one million men become the best version of themselves in the next five years. Will you be one of them?


Traction by Gino Wickman (One of Russ’s favorites)

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

The 10X Rule: The Only difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone


“Passion and persistence make a vision a reality.” – Russ Yeager

CONTACT RUSS (valuable FREE resources)


About the author, Louis

Louis Di Bianco is a stage, film, and TV actor. He teaches acting and improvisation to professional actors as well as business people who want more clarity, confidence, and power in their communication.

Louis will help you develop your innate storytelling skills and achieve greater influence and persuasiveness in your business and your life.

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