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171: Frankenstein Presentation Template

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This episode gives you a powerful template for creating any kind of presentation (live, webinar, YouTube video, you name it).

I call it the Frankenstein Presentation Template because you will build your presentation the way Dr. Frankenstein built his monster. Sounds crazy, I know.

This is far from crazy. This presentation template will take the guesswork out of creating compelling presentations that move people to a desired action. It clarifies the order you should follow to build your presentation step-by-step.

Many people make the mistake of focusing on what they will say first; they focus on their opening. The problem is that they don’t know what their core message is. They haven’t asked the question, “What am I opening into?”

The analogy with the Frankenstein monster will make all of this clear. That monster became a living being. Your presentation should be alive like a living being.

Imagine, for a moment, that you, like Dr. Frankenstein decided to create a human. What is the one essential organ that the human body needs to live? The heart. The heart of your presentation is your core message. The opening of your presentation is like a human head.

If you create the head first, you have no body to place it on. You can carry under your arm or put it in a fridge. It’s useless on its own. It’s not alive.

Here is a comparison between the essential parts of your presentation and human body parts:

  • Opening – Head
  • Message – Heart
  • Framework – Skeleton
  • Content – Muscles & Organs
  • Transitions – Connective Tissue
  • Closing – Legs

Here is the order to follow when building your presentation:

  • Message – The heart is your source of life.
  • Framework – The skeleton is the house for your heart.
  • Content -Puts flesh on your skeleton.
  • Closing – Your body needs strong legs to stand on.
  • Opening – Gives meaning and sense of the body below it.

You’ll learn more about the framework and transitions in this episode. Briefly, your framework is the context for your message and all that you say in your presentation.

Once you define your message, you need content to deliver it. The most effective way to do this to choose three key points that will highlight and drive your message home.

Why three? Because the human mind loves and remembers data presented in threes.

This presentation template is powerful. It will make your communication compelling and clear. It will also save you a lot of time when you sit down to create your presentation.

If you want to take a deep dive and master this for your next important presentation, reach out to me for personal coaching.

You can contact me at and

Now, go out and create a monster that everyone can know, like, and trust.

About the author, Louis

Louis Di Bianco is a stage, film, and TV actor. He teaches acting and improvisation to professional actors as well as business people who want more clarity, confidence, and power in their communication.

Louis will help you develop your innate storytelling skills and achieve greater influence and persuasiveness in your business and your life.

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