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155: How To Begin A Story

how to begin a story


This is one of the most important episodes in the series on How To Tell A Story.

It’s important for two reasons. One, your opening is your hook; it must create immediate engagement with your audience. Two, it sets the tone and the expectation for everything that follows in your story.

The word, story, defines all of your intentional communication. It can be a presentation to a large audience, a one-on-one conversation, either personal or business, a YouTube video, an email. A story is absolutely anything that uses words to impact and influence another human being.

You will learn about two provocative hooks, real examples from two compelling presentations that I experienced.

Plus, you’ll discover these powerful techniques for how to begin a story:

  • Make a bold statement
  • Open with a shocking statistic
  • Begin with a prop
  • Start with anything that arouses strong curiosity

Finally, you will hear the opening of a short story called “Mrs. Kelly’s MOnster,” by Jon Franklin, a Nobel Prize winning journalist.

You will be able to improve and transform your everyday communication immediately after listening to this podcast.


 Writing for Story: Craft Secrets of Dramatic Nonfiction by Jon Franklin


About the author, Louis

Louis Di Bianco is a stage, film, and TV actor. He teaches acting and improvisation to professional actors as well as business people who want more clarity, confidence, and power in their communication.

Louis will help you develop your innate storytelling skills and achieve greater influence and persuasiveness in your business and your life.

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