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198: Rules of Consent

rules of consent


Should we hate or thank Harvey Weinstein. His behavior as a sexual predator awakened a new social awareness about the dialogue between men and women when it comes to sex. The Me Too movement has raised uncomfortable and important questions about the rules of consent. One of those questions is, “When does yes mean no?”

It’s a heated question; some may feel that yes can only mean yes.. Today’s podcast guest is talented Canadian playwright, Amy Lee Lavoie. Her latest play, C’MON, Angie, puts the challenging question, when does yes mean no, front and center.

I interviewed the actors of the Toronto production of C’MON, Angie in episode 193. Now, you get to hear from the woman who created this smart play that explodes our notions about the rules of consent between sexual partners.

Are you ready to learn, grow, and get uncomfortable about the way you may view sex, seduction, and what is right and wrong in the bedroom? Then you will enjoy this discussion between Amy and me, and, later, between Amy’s husband and me.

We cover a lot of sensitive ground in this episode. Here are few of our conversation’s highlights:

  • What are the boundaries after a couple has agreed to have sex?
  • Can a man unconsciously assault a woman sexually?
  • How does drinking alcohol before sex influence consent?
  • What role does a man’s intention play when determining consent?

The power of Amy Lee Lavoie’s play is the balanced portrait of her characters. She doesn’t paint the picture of the man as a monster. Nor does she portray Angie as a saint. They are human beings with strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. The play is designed to make you to care about its characters, and to make you ask some uncomfortable questions about your views and feelings about sex.

Toward the end of the interview with Amy, her husband, Omari Newton, joined the discussion spontaneously. He is also a writer. Our brief dialogue raises some uncomfortable questions about race.

This episode will engage your mind and your emotions; it may inspire or inflame you. I  promise it won’t bore you.


Dutchman and the Slave by Leroi Jones

The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon

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